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Assignment #4: Video Editing April 29, 2010

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This is a video editing project I completed for BTMM 1701.  I was assigned to edit raw footage to establish continuity.  I tried to cut the footage at places that would make the shots line up and I used transitions to make some of the shots fit together more smoothly.


Assignment #3: Still Image Editing April 26, 2010

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This video is about a couple who had broken up but realized during their time apart that they truly wanted to be together. I started the video by cutting between images of both the female and the male alone, looking off longingly. I used cross dissolve transitions between these images to give the effect of parallel editing; to show that the two were thinking about one another simultaneously. In the middle of the scenes showing each member of the couple thinking, I cut to an image of the two sitting side by side. I used a ripple dissolve to signify when they entered and exited the flashback. For the sound, I used music with a swing/blues type of feel, which I found on FreeMusicArchive.org. I chose to use a song by a female singing about the blues during the first scene to represent the feelings of the female in the video, and a similar song being sung by a male to represent the feelings of the male in the video. When the female appears in the video again, she is experiencing some doubts about the break up, which is conveyed through the song that plays. When she decides to go back to her boyfriend, the music changes once again to the male voice. I then used images of the couple embracing, and the lyrics of the song express the male’s feelings of joy and love.


Assignment #2: Website

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This is the website I created for Grace Liane, a 16-year-old musician from Ardmore, Pennsylvania.  Grace has been singing and playing the guitar since the age of 10.  Grace began writing her own music at age 12 and began performing at coffee houses in her hometown at age 14.  Since then, she has developed a fan-base and performs frequently in the tri-state area.  Grace recently released her single “Strumming Along,” which is available on Amazon.com and iTunes.  The purpose of the website is to allow Grace’s fans to stay updated on her touring and music releases.  Grace feels that it is important to keep in touch with her fans, so she updates her Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace accounts regularly.  I added links to these pages so Grace’s fans can easily connect with her on these networks.  I also added links to Grace’s music on Amazon.com and iTunes to encourage her fans to purchase her music on these sites.  I used Photoshop’s color replacement tool to change most of the color of the background image to gray, to make the focal point of the homepage Grace’s guitar.  Grace’s guitar is something of great importance to her, because it was a gift from her late grandfather.  For purposes of style and continuity, I used the eyedropper tool to select the red and yellow colors on the guitar and used these colors for the text on the website.  Using the links on the navigation bar, the visitors of this website will be able to learn more about Grace, stay updated on her tour dates and news, listen to her music, view her photos, purchase music and merchandise from her store, and read her blog posts.  Both fans and other visitors of the site will be able to connect with Grace and her music through this website.


Assignment #1: Website Analysis

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This is a website analysis I wrote for BTMM 1701:

Temple University’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) launched their website at the beginning of this semester.  The website contains a homepage and nine additional pages.  Each page contains information about the organization, which may be of interest to current or prospective members.

The website is comprised of mostly text, as the purpose is to inform people about the organization. There is information on the “Home” and “About Us” pages on the organization’s vision, how to join the organization, and the benefits of being a member.  These pages have a positive tone about the organization and encourage prospective members to join.  The information on the “Home,” “E-Board,” and “Contact Us” pages makes it easy for anyone to connect with the organization.  The “Home” page allows people to find the organization on social networking websites by providing links to their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.  The executive board members are made very accessible through the website as well.  The “Home” page contains the location of the organization’s office and lists the office hours of each board member.    The “Contact Us” page has a table containing the email address of each board member.  The “E-Board” page contains the name, title, and picture of each board member.  There is also a list of each board member’s interests, suggesting things to talk to them about.  Some board members have links to their personal Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages as well. These pages present a welcoming and friendly tone to members and prospective members who visit the organization’s website.

In addition to the photos of the board members, there are a few photos on the “Photos” page and a link to a photo slideshow on the “Home” page.  These photos provide further evidence of the organization’s activities and add some aesthetic appeal to the website’s design.  The design of the website is simple.  There is a header navigation bar containing the PRSSA logo and a link to each page.  The pages each have a white background with black text.  Some of the pages have a red border, matching the color of the navigation bar.  The few pages that have photos and borders are more aesthetically appealing than the pages that only contain text and a plain background.

As a whole, Temple PRSSA’s website is effective in distributing information about the organization.  The straightforward design makes it easy for visitors to navigate through the various pages of the website.  The one drawback to the design is the lack of aesthetical appeal.  This could be improved by adding more color, backgrounds, or photos to the website.  However, the website does accomplish the more important goal of informing both prospective members and current members about the organization and makes it easy for anyone to connect with the organization and its board members.